Skyward Solar Power


Buyers want green, energy-efficient buildings and homes. In fact, solar-powered homes sell at twice the rate of conventional homes, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. And with the rising cost of utilities, many solar energy systems can provide buyers with an immediate positive cash flow.

Why It's Worthwhile
In North Carolina, we're feeling the effects of dirty electricity technologies. From the 1000+ premature annual deaths each year to the visible haze over our state's mountains, buyers have plenty of reasons to be interested in clean, renewable energy.

Solar Hot Water
The Department of Energy reports that electric water heaters are responsible for about 25 percent of a home's energy expenses—and over 40 percent for certain industries like lodging and restaurants—so they're worth reconsidering.

Thanks to sizable incentives from local organizations and the federal and state government, most solar hot water systems save more money on monthly utilities than they add to a mortgage payment. And when you consider the increased appraisal value, there's no good reason not to install solar water heaters as a standard feature.

Solar Electric
For most new construction, solar electric systems just make sense. Constructed from durable, weather-resistant materials, they have no moving parts and require very little maintenance. Plus, solar electric systems increase the value of a structure and lower the ongoing monthly bills and operating costs.

Dozens of incentives make solar electric systems a reasonable upgrade—or an innovative builder's standard—rather than a luxury option.

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