Skyward Solar Power

Economic Benefits

For many people, solar power isn't just an eco-friendly choice; it's also financially intelligent.

Return on Investment. Solar energy systems give consumers and businesses long term control over their utility bills. While the electric companies continue to raise rates, an upfront investment in solar energy means decades of free electricity.

Reasonable Payback Time. Thanks in part to federal and state government tax credits—as well as many grants and loan programs designed for solar energy consumers—the “payback” time on a solar electric system can be quite reasonable. And when it comes to solar water heating or pool heating, the low cost of equipment and installation means the system typically “pays for itself” within a few years.

Incentives & Rebates. It's time to move to solar energy. A variety of incentives—including federal stimulus money and state tax credits—make solar energy more affordable than ever. We have compiled information about residential and commercial tax breaks, rebates, and other programs, as well as a list of what's available for builders.