Skyward Solar Power

Solar Pool Heating

The sun's energy is the most efficient and economical way to heat a pool,
because a solar pool heater utilizes the existing pumping system and lasts longer than a gas or heat pump system. Over one million solar pool heaters have been installed in the United States.

How It Works
Pool water is pumped through a filter and then into solar collectors. Inside the collectors, the water is heated before being returned to the pool. In the heat of summer, the collectors cool the pool by circulating the water at night. Systems can also include sensors and a valve that bypasses the collectors when the water temperature is adequate, simply returning the water to the pool.

Why It's Worthwhile
Solar pool heating is extremely cost-efficient. Many systems “pay for themselves” in less than three years, when compared with a gas or heat pump system.

And if your pool is currently unheated, a solar heating system can extend your swimming season by as much as a third.