Skyward Solar Power

Types of Solar Power

Electricity Production

Electricity Production (Photovoltaic or PV Technology)
The most commonly recognized type of solar power is solar photovoltaics, also called solar electric or PV systems. In this type of solar energy system, solar panels are installed at optimal angles to capture sunlight and convert it to electricity. These panels are typically made from silicon, but “thin film” technologies are emerging, as well.

Water Heater

Water Heater (Solar Thermal or Flat-Plate Technology)
Solar thermal systems—often called solar water heaters—are used to heat household water. Solar water heaters are classified as “active” or “passive,” depending on whether they use added pumps and valves to circulate the water. Among active systems, closed loop systems circulate a heat transfer fluid through their panels, then transfer the heat to the household water through a heat exchanger. Open loop active systems heat the actual household water directly. Passive systems collect hot water as it naturally circulates to the top of the solar panel and lets the cooler water fall back into the panel to be heated.

Solar Pool Heating

Solar Pool Heating
Like solar-powered household water heaters, solar pool heaters are simple systems that produce hot water. Most solar pool heaters are open loop active systems that directly heat the pool's water.